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Acupuncture: A non-surgical option for weight loss

By Connie Hanner

Daily, we see, smell and are reminded that many edible temptations await. The challenge to maintain a healthy weight is immense.

Dr. Hilary Lai of Benefit Acupuncture in Colleyville suggests that acupuncture treatments can help one lose and manage weight. "Acupuncture can help by balancing emotions, increasing metabolism and regulating the digestive system," Lai says. "Unwanted weight gain often is due to hormone imbalance, energy blockage and poor digestion. When there are existing energy imbalances and blockages, the body cannot process consumed foods and nutrients properly and it can result in unwanted weight gain or health disorders.


“Acupuncture can activate the body’s ability to heal by regulating energy circulation throughout the body to ensure a free-flow of energy."

So, how does acupuncture work? Dr. Lai says that during an acupuncture session, acupuncture points are stimulated to balance the circulation of energy. The insertion of a needle elicits a physiological effect that promotes blood flow and energy circulation to flush out the waste and toxics from the body. She suggests that acupuncture enhances the body’s recuperative power, immunities and physical and emotional health, and benefits weight management in a positive way.

"Acupuncture around the ear also is a well-known approach to weight loss. In Chinese medicine, the ear is a microcosm of the whole body. All signals induced by ear acupuncture travel through a specific part of the brain -- the diencephalon -- to command corresponding body parts. The body strictly obeys these commands because they come from the brain. Ear acupuncture takes advantage of the body’s own control center, the brain, to effectively regulate the body and internal organs.


Ear acupuncture can help reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system, regulate metabolism and hormone imbalances, and reduce food cravings. It is commonly used to help with weight management, addictions, smoking cessation, stress and pain syndromes."

Dr. Lai advocates for acupuncture and Chinese medicine as profound healing alternatives to treat the cause of illness, not just the symptoms. Acupuncture can benefit other health disorders ranging from pain, allergies, chronic illness, stroke rehabilitation and infertility.

Hilary Lai, L.Ac., Ph.D., is the owner and medical professional of Benefit Acupuncture, 5200 Colleyville Blvd. Suite E, Colleyville Texas. For more information, call 817-520-5333 or email

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