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We encourage your comments. Because we work with medical ailments,

we only will publish first names to protect our clients' privacy.

Y. J.

My initial visit was to address my chronic (and frequent) migraines since my return from Iraq in 2005. At the start, I was experiencing up 17/migraines a month; no pain medication would help.

A very awesome neuro at the VA began administering acupuncture during my appointment visits along w/ botox every 12 weeks. My neuro discovered that when all other treatments had failed, the acupuncture treatments were providing me some relief. Since receiving treatment at Benefit Acupuncture, many of my chronic conditions have also been addressed -- chronic lumbar/cervical condition; bi-lateral knee conditions; fibromyalgia, as well as bi-lateral shins/feet and my left shoulder, a 13-y/o injury which I sustained during my deployment in Iraq. Now, not only am I receiving physical therapy for my left shoulder, but my left shoulder is also addressed at each visit w/ Dr. Lai.

It has been a month now that I have not experienced any migraines. Thank you, Dr. Lai. You are truly God Sent, and I pray that many more veterans are sent your way. God bless you, Dr. Lai


I am a western trained medical provider who believes there is a role for acupuncture in the treatment of common conditions and for general well-being and health. Unfortunately, most states do not differentiate the training of an acupuncturist who devote years of education and training in eastern medicine versus the acupuncturist who already holds a medical license and have been certified to perform acupuncture by taking several HOURS of continuing education. Dr. Lai is the REAL DEAL!

She is professional and very skilled in acupuncture and cupping. She has great bedside manner and truly caters every treatment to her patient. I was so pleased with her that I now routinely take my mom in for treatments. She has helped decreased severity of allergies, alleviate knee pain, back pain, sciatic pain, and she is really the only one who can help me manage my migraines. I have had a long history of debilitating migraines and being a medical professional myself, and seeing multiple neurologists throughout my life, there is still a lot western medicine does not know about migraines. I have found that acupuncture is the only treatment that helps decrease frequency and I would not go to anyone except Dr. Lai.


I searched for Acupuncture because I felt that I am not longer interested to cure myself from pills and invasive treatments, I work in the medical field and I know that pills can only do so much; so I decided to give Acupuncture a try. Dr.Lai has been very accurate in treating my ailments and I enjoy my sessions with her very much to the point that I suggest acupuncture to everybody from my family and work place.


Dr Lai has been so kind and supportive during my bout of severe sudden onset sciatic pain. Hoping to obtain relief and avoid the possibility of steroid injections I sought out a provider with good reviews and close proximity to my home. Although I had never had acupuncture myself as a retired nurse I was aware of many success stories.
When I came to the office the first day I had been in severe spasm from my waist to my ankle for several days and just the ride to her office was excruciating. After the first treatment I could tell there had been an impact and she gave me several helpful suggestions which seemed to also give me some incremental relief and allowed for deeper more complete treatment on session 2. This pattern continued and built session after session and I found myself gaining not only relief but encouragement that we were going in the right direction and I was going to be able to avoid a more pharmacologic approach.
While I am not yet totally symptom free I am convinced I will get there. I am well on the road. Because of the confidence I have in Dr Lai I have moved to a maintenance treatment plan in conjunction with easy yoga stretches and some strengthening.
This is not a one time magic bullet however you wont have to be concerned about drug side effects. If you are considering this treatment option at all I would encourage you to see Dr Lai at Benefit Acupuncture...she will not disappoint. Christie


Threw my back out during a workout. Unintended consequence of not embracing correctly when lifting. I went through almost three weeks of rehab to regain strength and relieve the back pain, but there was always the lingering, numb, radiating back pain that reminded me every morning and during the day (especially if I sat for a while) that I am not OK. I went to visit Dr. Lai for two sessions over a period of 7 days, and I have to say, my lower back pain is NO more.

I get up in the morning and don't have to fight to get up with back pain any more. When I bend down to put my pants or socks on, I don't have to be in pain. My back start to feel really light after 48 hours from the initial session and by the third day, the pain was completely gone! I follow up a week later for another session, and now I am feeling normal. No more pain!

If western medical procedures and treatments haven't relieved your pain, you ought to visit Dr. Lai and make a change in your life. I did!!!


Dr Lai has been extremely effective helping me with back and shoulder pain. Her treatments produce results. I wish that I would have tried acupuncture before unnecessary steroid shots and PT.
Her true care for her patients is refreshing. I have recommended Benefit Acupuncture to my family and friends.

C. H.

Dr. Lai is very knowledgeable and kind. I've gotten treatments for allergies and other more serious issues and Dr. Lai has been able to resolve them in a very timely fashion. She makes sure to set expectations on how many treatments are going to be required for each condition, and she works to get them solved in the shortest amount of time possible. This is refreshing as I've gone to other places where you become a patient for life - Dr. Lai is different as she's focused on outcomes, and she gets them!


When I first came for my first visit with Dr. Hillary Lai, I had been suffering from a lingering case of whiplash that physical therapy had helped with but not as much as I had hoped. I was having horrible, debilitating tension headaches that caused me problems at work and just in general life. My orthopedist suggested that acupuncture might give me the recovery boost I needed. I had also had migraines for most of my adult life. Since beginning acupuncture treatments with Dr. Lai, my whiplash has improved greatly. If my neck starts to feel tense, I go to see Dr. Lai, and by the next morning, I feel so much better. I have also only had one migraine in the last 6 months, which is an enormous improvement. At first, I was very nervous about acupuncture, but Dr. Lai made me feel at ease (For anyone who may be apprehensive, acupuncture is almost entirely painless minus the occasional small pinprick. If you've dealt with real pain, a pinprick is nothing.). She is very pleasant and remembers things about my life that I forgot I even told her in the first place. She's very attentive and very good at what she does. I highly recommend Dr. Hillary Lai at Benefit Acupuncture for any and all acupuncture needs.


Dr. Lai is amazing! She has greatly reduced my chronic back pain. I give her my highest recommendation!


I went in based upon a recommendation from my chiropractor, massage therapist and old teammate. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was open to the idea. I had never had acupuncture before. Dr Lai took her time to determine what areas needed the attention and I left there feeling amazing. I have patellar tendonitis in my knee from basketball, back/neck pain from being at a computer all day and was experiencing digestive issues. After that session my back and digestive issues were 100% better. Even my knee felt much better for a 2 week period and when I went back for my 2nd session I had more great reaults. This is a chronic knee issue so I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I would highly recommend Benefit to anyone. I have already referred several friends and co-workers.


Dr. Lai is such a kind and wonderful doctor, always makes sure you are comfortable and at ease. I have had prostate problems for the last few years and I have been to a couple of urologist to see what kind of treatment they might recommend. It was the same answer with both of them...invasive surgery. That was the the last thing I wanted to hear so I started researching alternative medicine and decided to try acupuncture. My lucky break came when I found Dr. Lai. Her herbal and acupuntcure treatments have improved my prostate condition immensely. Thank you so much Hillary, you saved me from the knife!


Dr. Lai was so helpful with my knee. Her acupuncture and cupping treatment has helped my knee so much and this was my first visit. I look forward to getting additional treatments for maintaining my range of motion.


I am an RN works in the hospital which requires a lots of heavy lifting.  I have been having some severe back pain for last 10 years.  I always want to try acupuncture but was so afraid for letting people that I don't know to do anything on my back.  Until I heard some good words about Dr Lai from a friend.  And I decided to give it a few try.  I know it's silly that I work in the hospital but I am super afraid of needles.  Dr. Lai is one of those people that know how to easy my anxiety.  And her skills are so sophisticated that I can barely feel anything.  I was actually able to relax and enjoying my entire session.  Dr. Lai is very friendly, professional, knowledgeable about natural remedies.  I went through different physical therapists and chiropractors but none of them can make my pain go away.  But after 2-3 sessions with Dr.Lai, I can feel the big difference of my back.  If my back pain was a 8/10 before, after the treatment, it's more like a 2-3/10 now.  I know that if I can continue my treatment, it maybe able to completely go away.  I wish there are more people know about Dr. Lai.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone that has pain issue like me.


I'm a newbie to acupuncture and found Dr. Lai through Yelp and Google. Dr. Lai was patient and answered all my questions. She told me what she'll be doing at my first appointment and was very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable at my first appointment. Who likes needles?? The acupuncture was painless and I felt relaxed. I've fallen asleep each time I've came here. This office is really quiet which is an added bonus. Dr. Lai knows what she is doing. I have returned in a few times after my first appointment. I've noticed a difference with my sleep pattern and other things as well.



Attentive and caring. Hilary is great! I visited her for my skin issue, which suddenly occurred about four years ago. After seeing three different dermatologists, I decided to try Chinese medicine. I am glad I did because Hilary's recommendation improved my problem drastically. She followed up with me, and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. You can tell Hilary is passionate with her profession! Keep up the amazing work, Hilary!!


Fort Worth

Let me start off by first saying, I have been to 5 acupuncturists and none stand out quite like Dr. Lai. I've been battling with Plantar Fasciitis in my heel for over a year and a half and she has helped me to finally get back to start walking/exercising without pain. Folks, i don't say this often, but her extensive background and training from china is literally unheard of here in the states. If you're looking for an alternative method of healing, this is the place to start!


Fort Worth

Thank you Hilary. I feel like a new person. I have been ignoring my shoulder and neck pain for over 10 years now, and I was very skeptical that acupuncture could help. It is amazing to experience first hand how much of a difference acupuncture can make. After your treatments, my neck and shoulder feel great. I have been so impressed by your patience and knowledge, and I thank you for all your personalized care. I would highly recommend your service to anyone who is seeking relief from pain.


Sincerely, Chelsea


Fort Worth

Nice, clean and quiet clinic. Dr. Hilary Lai cares about her work and patients, while also showing initiative and innovation.

Although acupuncture is the mainstay of her approach to treatment, she is also a practitioner of alternative healing methods that are natural and non-invasive, primarily aimed at treating bodily ailments that conventional (Western) medicine approaches with medication that do not always address root causes. And it is not just time-honored Oriental medicine I am referring to, which can also be approached in conventional and very conservative ways by some practitioners.

For one, I went to the clinic because I was having pain in my right leg and hip. I hurt myself doing intensive aerobic exercises as a young senior citizen. Also, I had been a lifelong sufferer of all kinds of allergies and chronic rhinitis. Moreover, my body metabolism was such I also had so-called hereditary tendencies toward high levels of bad cholesterol and blood glucose (even though I suffer from neither heart disease or diabetes right now) plus a host of skin ailments supposedly due to heredity.

No doctor with a M.D.. or equivalent degree had ever suggested a regiment of treatment with careful diets and other measures outside of medication that often just treat symptoms. Medication often comes with side effects, some very annoying. Dr. Lai introduced me to a new approach using a non-invasive method developed by some Indian physician in California.

I am frankly very impressed.

If you are unsure or just plain fearful of pain (from acupuncture needles, etc.), you can be assured that Dr. Lai is extremely skillful and will not hurt you. So go ahead and try her treatment for pain, allergies and other ailments.


Dallas, TX

This is a great and effective way of curing my sport injuries. Dr. Lai is such an expert and her treatments are awesome, it helped my recovery very well. Her treatments on me were also pain free too in case you are new to acupuncture, it was a pleasant experience.


Austin, TX

 Dr. Lai is a very skillful acupuncturist and knowledgeable Chinese Medicine doctor. I started having some joint soreness in my hands a few weeks after having a baby and her two acupuncture treatments were very effective in relieving the pain.


My 70+ year old mother-in-law always had stubborn shoulder pain that made her right arm very weak and she couldn’t quite lift her right arm. Dr. Lai's acupuncture treatment helped to alleviate the stiffness and pain and her arm has gained more flexibility after just two treatments!


And on two separate occasions, Dr. Lai also treated some bad coughing for my husband and my mother-in-law with herbs and acupuncture. Both times their coughs got so much better immediately!


I would highly recommend Dr. Lai! She is very nice and professional!


My mother was looking for Chinese medicine that could rejuvenate her body after surgery. Dr. Lai was very patient, attentive and was very fluent in Chinese; so my mother was able to communicate her conditions to Dr. Lai.

The instruction for the prescribed Chinese medicine was clear and easy to follow. My mother felt her body is strengthening and she was grateful to have seen Dr. Lai.Add Testimonial here


I had terrible eczema and issues related to my irregular menstrual cycle. A specialist suggested me to start on hormone pills long term. However, I did not want to depend on them and wanted a way to treat the problem naturally. I went to Dr. Lai and she has been very helpful. I now have beautiful skin and my body is feeling a lot better. I am very pleased with results I get with Benefit Acupuncture

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