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Allergy Elimination and Tianjin Style Acupuncture

Several people said I should start blogging, so others could better understand what I do and the benefits of acupuncture. Guess it’s time to polish my rusty English writing skills.

Recently, we helped a client with hand tremor and allergies. The client was a middle age male with years of hand tremor that would aggravate when he tried to hold something still or pour a cup of tea. Sometimes, the shaky hands were so bad that he could not even hold a pen to do a signature. He had stuffy nose for many years and often times had to breathe through his mouth. My impression was that the tremor had to do with genetics, stress and allergies. We came up with an intense treatment plan that involved both traditional acupuncture and NAET, targeting both the tremor and allergies. Just after one session, he felt that he had more control over his shaky hands, his nasal blockage cleared up, the nighttime snoring was gone and he could breathe a lot better.

We see amazing results when combining NAET and Tianjin style acupuncture properly. NAET effectively eliminates the brain and body’s reaction to any found environment substances, and the Tianjin style acupuncture promotes circulation and rejuvenates nerves to benefit body imbalances ranging from pain syndromes, stress to neurological disorders, which are indeed a powerful combination.

Lastly, I would like to thank Jenny Zheng, Phyllis Eng, Karen Ho, and my history professor Judy Coffin for the encouragement to blog. Writing gives birth to thoughts and ideas that would otherwise have never come about.


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