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Acupuncture alleviates back pain

Acupuncture can effectively alleviate back pain. Be it pain that comes in forms of muscle spasms, throbbing, distending or radiating pain, or chronic old injuries, acupuncture can help.

On clients with back problems, I often notice local signs of poor circulation such as swelling and discoloration. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views all pain involves some sort of circulation problems. TCM calls it a “stagnation” or “stasis”, which could be physical, physiological, or energetic. Acupuncture addresses all three aspects depending on the depth and direction of needle insertion and manipulation technique, by promoting circulation and unblocking channels in miraculous ways. When paired with cupping therapy, acupuncture can even more effectively improve circulation and alleviate both acute and chronic pain.

We have been helping clients with various conditions of back pain and sciatic pain, and results have been amazing. A guy with an excruciating low back pain for 10 days became pain free and was back on the motorcycle within 2 week after some acupuncture sessions with us. A client who fell off the stairs 10 years ago felt tremendous relief for the first time after just a few sessions. Another client with scoliosis found her sleep much improved when acupuncture took away her back pain. Bikers and athletes found acupuncture to effectively alleviate pain and enhance their overall performance. Of course there are many more similar stories throughout my practice and my time in China.

After all, the mission of Benefit Acupuncture is to promote a life free from pain.

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