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What starts here changes the world

What starts here changes the world. It was not until after finding my career path that I am able to put this famous slogan of The University of Texas at Austin into practice, marking a milestone today when someone explicitly confirmed it.

So I was helping a client who was also a family friend with his college admission essay. I casually asked him what the most significant life-changing event was since coming to America. His instant response was NAET (and acupuncture). To me, that spoke volumes. I was both thankful and amazed that treatments I administrated had such an impact on an individual. With the treatments, he felt like a new person. I should be proud.

What starts here changes the world. When the slogan of my alma mater resonates with my practice, it brings about tremendous pride. I bleed burnt orange, and this signifies a personal triumph. Just as how Admiral William McRaven has urged graduates to find the courage to change the world at the 2014 commencement with this slogan, I take it to heart.

Watch Admiral William McRaven's commencement address here. Read the transcript here.


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